Angels, too, sometimes need help

School is starting soon. Bogdana needs notebooks, books, pencils, shoes and much more. Her mother has no money for these.
This little girl has won the battle of her life – she has won brain cancer. The battle has taken time, and the way to rehabilitation is not an easy one. She has a memory of her illness implanted under her scalp: a receiver that allows doctors to take the annual tests.
I have known Bogdana for four years, but never on a bad mood or crying. She is always happy and full of life.
Bogdana and her mother live in the occupied part of eastern Ukraine, in the middle of a war. They travel to Kiev twice a year; Bogdana has her examinations and mother fills in documents to receive social allowances as a single mother.
Would you like to help Bogdana have clothes and school supplies?
This little angel needs your help and support.
/ Julia

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