… and on corona again

One large family is now in isolation due to corona. The entire family is ill. We pray that they get well soon and recover their strength.

They soon ran out of food, almost nothing was left for them to eat.

We had to react without delay to save the family from going hungry. We went shopping and brought the groceries to the family’s yard. In this way, we brought them your gift, for without you, we could not have bought anything.

Thank you so much for caring and for supporting families in distress.

/ Katerina – coordinator of the relief programme

”We faced a problem. The whole family was tested for corona and each one of us was established to be positive. So now we are isolated and cannot leave home. We wish to thank you for your help, thank you for the food delivered to us. Thank you for hearing our call for help!

I hope that we are soon healthy and everything is in order again. Take care of yourselves and your near and dear ones. We appreciate and love you very much.” – Mother Oksana

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