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Katya is studying in the Acedemy of Dramatic Art in Kyiv.

One month of adult life is behind me. I’m full of new experiences and new knowledge. It’s impossible to describe the euphory of the artistic atmosphere.

The saying has proven true that teachers are our second parents. They are easy to relate to, and their support is unending.

Every lesson fills my head with thoughts, and I’m developing into a generator of creative ideas. The teachers give praise and encouragement, which is inspiring. No matter that it requires much work. It’s a joy to study to the early hours sometimes, because I’m doing just the thing I want to.

I could tell you a lot about the housing and the other students here. Incredibly cheerful, creative and lively personalities! There are the inevitable drawbacks: we have no fridge, and the shower is always cold. But on the other hand, we have no cockroaches.

I’m so happy to live this academic life!

/Katya, 17

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