Boas and Mirjam Adolphi

It all began when we saw stray dogs caring for the children in the street. The dogs kept the children warm; the two groups gave each other the love both of them lacked. The children and the dogs were always together. This touched our hearts, and the question arose from within:

Is it true that these dogs care about the children more than we humans do?”

Boas and Mirjam Adolphi, founders of Friend’s House and Barnens Ambassad (Children’s Embassy), have lived in Ukraine since 1991, working among destitute children and youngsters in different ways. Boas comes from Sweden and Mirjam from Finland.

For a life worth living!

We want to give the children hope of a better future. Both home and street can be places of misery, poverty and suffering. Children need help in many ways.

“We don’t see this as ‘our’ work, but as our part of the Heavenly Father’s field; that’s why we are here.”

In God’s Mission in Ukraine

Boas and Mirjam