Barnens Ambassad was founded in 1995 to support the work in Ukraine. We organize collections and communicate our activities in schools, church parishes and other occasions. We work to increase the number of supporters and to inform our supporters about the functions in Friend’s House through newsletters and personal contacts.

The work is fully volunteer-based.

CHAIR: Jennifer and Carlos Ravstam

Jennifer and Carlos Ravstam know Mirjam and Boas Adolphi and their work in Ukraine since 2002.

“It started on a relief journey to Ukraine when we met Mirjam and Boas, who told us about their work among poor children and youngsters. Ever since, the children are in our hearts, and we wanted to do something for them. In 2009, we decided to take a more active role and help by participating in the work of Barnens Ambassad here in Sweden.

“This significant volunteer work is a great joy for us. It is our aim that everyone who participates in our work in one way or another knows that they are in an important role.”

The Board

  • Chair: Jennifer Ravstam
  • Secretary: Carlos Ravstam
  • Treasurer: Daniel Lööw
  • Member: Boas Adolphi
  • Member: Mirjam Adolphi