Ljudmila Ostrovskaja 01.08.1962-04.05.2015

I love my mother and grandmother so much. Besides them, I have none. As long as I can remember, my mother has always been very sick. These words wrote Maxim in March.

Yesterday, May 4 ,the cancer took mom’s life. Her battle is over.Now begins a new battle for Maxim, 16, a Jewish orphan boy.

Our Sveta is there to help with the funeral arrangements. Grandmother is bedridden and can not do anything

A lonely funeral

There are no relatives coming, only Maxim, and Sveta and Viktor from our team. Maybe also one from social services.

“How are they doing at home, how can they manage without me?”

 These thoughts he often had, sitting in the school bench. Now it’s just him, and grandmother.

The Lord weeps with those who mourn in Zion, and He will lead Maxim forward in life. Our compassions are with Maxim.

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