Help the Oreshenko children to stay with their mum

We need to take immediate action! Three of the kids in the Oreshenko family are already taken away from their family by social services due to the poverty of the family. The commission of child welfare will come back on an inspection on April 1st. If their home is not remedied, the children will be taken away from their mum and placed in institutions. Out of the five children, three are already placed in temporary care, until April 1st. Those are a Misha 12-year-old boy and two girls, Sofia 9 and Galina 6 years old. Still at home is their oldest sister Nastya 15 years old and one of the twin sisters, Varnava aged 6, who suffers from Celebral Pares. Nastya is needed at home, to help with the care for her younger sister. It’s hard to find nursing for her.

Their mother leaves for her work at a piggery every morning at 5AM. At 8AM she returns home to cook for her children and send them off to school. She returns to work in the evening. Despite her hard work she earns no more than the minimum wage of about 100 US dollars a month. She is currently not entitled to child supprt. We do not know the reason for this yet but our lawyer Ljuda will investigate the matter.

The mum is desperate about the situation. The children cry in temporary care, they miss their mom and want to come home. Viktor and Katja from our team just visited the single mum. The family needs help in arranging a stove to warm the house, wood, a bunk bed, bedding, clothes, food.

It would be a disaster if the children were transferred to an orphanage and put in institutional care, because of poverty. Their needs are insuperable to the single mother, but together we can help. Your help is needed now. We only have a month to act. Do you want to help the family?

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