A broken leg changed my thoughts about school

Unplanned leave, or how a broken leg changed my thoughts about school…

When I broke my leg and the doctors put it in plaster, they said I couldn’t go to school for four weeks. I was overjoyed – I have always dreamt of not having to go to school.

But it was not like I thought. Here I lay in bed alone all day, while my brothers and sister go to school.

I haven’t been able to go out for two weeks now, and that’s boring. To crown it all, it’s cold indoors. I sit under the plankets and drink at least ten mugs of tea every day. I’ve seen all the TV news. The weatherman doesn’t promise warm days, and Mr. Klitschko hasn’t put the district heating on yet.

Boxer Vitali Klitschko is also Mayor of Kyiv.

I’d love to go to school again and run in the corridors. I’d even be happy to do my homework. But I have to lay in bed for another two weeks before they take the plaster away.

Zhenya / 11