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I love to be here

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Today’s blogger is Vlad 9 years. This camp is super. Most of all I like the competitions. We have all kinds of competitions every day. The beach is good, and I enjoy swimming. I learnt archery. We visited the zoo and fed swans. I really like it here, and I have many new friends. The [...]

Valya’s blog post from summer camp

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It’s 8-year-old Valya’s turn to write the camp blog from Pereyaslov. She has a lot to tell her friends. I’m here together with my brothers. I swim, and I swim, and I swim… We play all kinds of games on the beach. Every morning we do morning gymnastic. I love singing. We sing about God together. [...]

Waterfall, fish soup and cows

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Summer camp on the Carpathian It’s a fantastic feeling to swim in a waterfall and to eat delicious fish soup made out in the open! We went to the waterfall today. The water was rather chilly, but we didn’t care… Katja, 15 An amazing day.  We just rested and went swimming. The fish soup was [...]

Happy kids on the summer camp

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Attention, the sun and the beach bring joy to the children. It is wonderful to go swimming. This is not possible at home. One of the girls exclaimed: I’ve never seen so much water. Is this the ocean? See, I made a lake of my own. No waves and no fish in my lake. Artjom, [...]