The Flames Took Our Home

In the middle of the night a mother woke up. She sensed the smell of smoke. Panic took hold of her, and she did not know what to do. She woke up her kids and they managed to escape from the burning house out into the night, the -20 °C cold night. They had no time to bring any of their belongings, except the clothes on their bodies. The house burned down completely, only the walls were left standing.

Right now, two of the kids, Diana 11 and Artjom, 8 years old, are in a state-run orphanage. The youngest child, Jaroslav, who is 5 years old is living with their mother at some friends house. Marina, the mother, is heartbroken. She does not know to whom she can turn to for help, to have the kids living with her rather than at the orphanage. The older children call every day and wonder when she will come pick them up. But right now there is no place where they can stay, together, as a family.

The family needs urgent help to repair the house. All the burnt residues have to be transported away, and a new roof has to be built. Only after these initial steps the work to repair and rebuild the house can really start. Marina, the mother, now hopes that there are people who are not indifferent to the situation of the family, but shares and understands her despair. She hopes to soon be able to bring her children back home. Do you want to help? Your help is needed now!

Photos:  Stuart Holden



But What Happens If We Don’t

While the father protects Ukraine, his 7 -year-old son needs heart surgery.

Nazar’s surgery is planned to 20.03. Professor A. Kalangos is going to proceed the surgery free of charge. But there is always the but. The medicines after the surgery will cost about 30.000 UAH. (€1027, USD 1103, £900).

Mother is alone with 4 children. Nazar’s father is in frontline fighting in Donbas. Nazar’s elderly brother is in the army. The family do not have the money to pay the medicines.


“I went with Viktor to take some pictures to help raise some money for a young lad who needs a heart operation- it’s a serious operation.

Those of you with families will understand how scary it is when a child has to undergo life saving surgery. There are the obvious risks with no guarantee of success.

Over here there is more to contend with – how do you raise the money. This boys father is in the army fighting in Donbas so I can’t imagine how helpless he feels.”

Stuart Holden, photographer



Ways of giving

All donations are appreciated.

Write down the target of your gift, and preferably your contact data. Make a difference now

Bank account in Ukraine:

Bank account / Iban   26000001101115

Adress beneficiary: Molodizhne 3, Piski
Bic code (Swift)  ICBIUAUKXXX

Name of the bank: PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC


04070 KIEV

Name of beneficiary: CHARITY ORG HAVER


Purpose: Charity

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You can also make your  donation to:

Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad

Account Nr (IBAN)

SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987


Bank, NORDEA Sweden


Please, let us know if you want updates about Nazar. E mail to Mirjam


Christmas is not over yet

Father Frost is coming on New Years night and he places the gifts under the Christmas tree. You can still share your holiday joy with Ukrainian children.

In Ukraine the Christmas celebration is on 6-7 January according to the Julian calendar.

You can still donate joy to a child in Ukraine  – 


Ruslan need your urgent help

640-ruslan1Ruslan five years have a dream. He wants to be like all the other boys – to be able to run, bike and play with friends.

To realize the dream requires strength, patience, and a willingness. Ruslan and his mother have the will but lack the financial possibilities of an operation.

Ruslans hip pain does not allow him to move. Through much pain and effort, he can take some steps in his room, but he can not walk. When Ruslan is out, he must always sit in the stroller.

Ruslan is in urgent need of an operation. It must be done now, if he shoud be able to walk .

All help is welcome.

Together we can realize his dream.

Please make your donations to

Account Nr (IBAN)

SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987


Bank, NORDEA Sweden

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13-year-old Andrei is in intensive care with head injuries and internal injuries.

Andreys mother is a widow with three children. She receives child benefit 1400 UAH equivalent to 62 USD or 56 EURO. It is not enough even for the most necessary. Right now the situation is critical. She asks for help to medications and hospitalization.

Please make your donations to:

Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad

Account Nr (IBAN)

SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987
BIC-Code (SWIFT-address) NDEASESS  Bank, NORDEA Sweden

You can donate online, with Payson




Foto: Stuart, Katya, Tanya, Sveta and Mirjam

Goodness and Gratitude Flow

We can now shout Hallelujah! Can you imagine that it was just few weeks ago that we told of the acute need of shoes for 109 kids. Your response and your will to help have been amazing. In such a short time, we have received enough money for all the 109 kids.

The target is reached, and any extra money coming in will also buy shoes for other kids. We can now close this acute collection with gratitude to all donators.