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My year started under happy signs

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Text: Markku Holopainen Foto: Mirjam Adolphi For me, 2017 started with a trip to Ukraine 2nd to 6th January. I had the opportunity to participate in distributing Christmas gifts from Children’s Embassy to families in Kyiv and in Pisky region. You could hardly imagine a more pleasant and rewarding content for a trip. The cordial [...]

Christmas in Our Hearts – All Year

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Hannu & Oili Räsänen’s  Christmas visit to Children’s Embassy, Ukraine. Our Christmas in Ukraine is over. What did we learn? Donations Reach Their Goal We felt this in a tangible way, as we went shopping and delivered food and Christmas presents to families. We Have Generous Friends Many friends and many unknown people donated money [...]


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The most devastating accident of all times took place in the nuclear plant 30 years ago, but the place is still being cleaned, and the human suffering goes on for generations. We were part of a small tourist group for one day’s tour. It was like crossing to another country: licences and passports were presented [...]

The school year in Ukraine started beautifully

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The first ringing of the school bell started the school year beautifully. Everyone was dressed nicely and carried flowers. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and little siblings followed. Viktor and we came to see Oksana’s children. Music, speeches, poems. The first and last classes marched into their places. Finally, the biggest boy lifted the smallest girl on [...]

Joy, hope, sorrow…

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Joy, hope, sorrow... A memorial event for those fallen took place at Maidan, the Independence Square.

Ukraine’s 25th Independence Day Joy, hope, sorrow… A memorial event for those fallen took place at Maidan, the Independence Square. Hundreds of bereaved marched with photos and flowers in their hands. Speeches, music, prayer Our Father, ending with Amen and a sincere “Long live Ukraine”. Old men shook hands with soldiers, thanking them. Some soldiers [...]