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Clean Thursday – a significant day of the Great Week

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It is a beautiful habit to bathe before sunrise. Other tasks on Clean Thursday are cleaning the house and the yard and doing the washing. The inner order of the home is also important. Today, you must not brood negative thoughts, conflicts or resentment. One way of taking care of the outward cleanliness is getting [...]

The tragedi in Siberia

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Our thoughts and prayers go to those who suffered from the terrible department store fire in Kemerova, Siberia. At least 64 people, including many children perished. The number of deaths is expected to increase

Winter rules

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Winter greeted the first spring day with minus 12 degrees and a strong wind. A storm warning was given. The kids can’t go to school or to Friend’s House. In Kiev, the schools closed until Monday, and the public traffic services in trouble. The silver lining is that it’s spring: March! The bitter cold is [...]

Social bread

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“Who is last?” they ask when they come to the queue. It is a long queue for very low-priced bread. The van just arrived, but the people have been waiting for it long. They know when the van stops, twice daily. Anyone can buy here, but mostly retired people come. “Oh, I’m so happy”, an [...]