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First time in the book club

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We have started something completely new. Reading books was not at all our line. But after visiting the book group ”To keep the brain from drying up”, we started to see the world of books in a new way. Books can reveal many interesting things about our city, Kiev. The brightest book here is ”The [...]

Happy weekend from Sweden!

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Sweden is a country I want to return to. It is a country of good, open and unreserved people. I feel at home here – like I had never left my own country. /Katya When I came to Sweden, I realized that people here live in harmony with the natural environment. This is a country [...]

On the way to Sweden for a charity gala

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The girls have been waiting for a month, and today is the day to start the journey. Katya, Katya and Nastya have fled from the war in Eastern Ukraine. Three passports have arrived, Anya’s hasn’t. Today is the decisive date: if Anya gets her passport, she can attend the gala. “We are about to board. [...]

Vitja start his military service

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It’s a new stage in my life. Today I go to Lvov. I will serve in the Navy , for one and a half years. In my heart there are concerns and many questions. I’ll probably get the answers when I’m there. It will be hard to leave Kiev, say goodbye to friends. But especially [...]

Who can afford children?

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Single-parent families have a hard time, as the prices keep soaring. The goverment’s solution: If a single mother receives the minimum pay, she no longer gets the child benefit. From the 1st of January, the minimum pay is 3,723 UAH (about 116 euro). Makes you think… / Julia