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Thank you so much !

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Our Dear Friends! I wish to thank you from the depths of my heart for helping us in our distress. We highly appreciate your willingness to help. The little chickens in our yard provide good food for the family. / Oksana

The spring campaign is going on

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Many families still need help As many as 112 people have already been able to buy seeds and poultry, but there are still many who need pigs and plants. We find this the best way to help: the families can grow their food by themselves. Kitchen gardens, chickens, pigs and sometimes a cow are the [...]

Thank you so much!

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Work in summer gives food for winter. This is how we think in the countryside. The villages have very few jobs; to earn money, one would have to go to a city. The families are very grateful for your help with the seeds and plants. Your gift yields hundred-fold: the vegetables from the garden feed [...]