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On the threshold of adulthood

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I come from eastern Ukraine. I’m on the last grade of school in the villige where my family fled from the war in 2014. The final exams are ahead, and in a fairly short time, we need to manage five subjects, each of them with at least 35 rather extensive themes. Difficult, but not impossible [...]

I’ll be Programmer and President

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“I’ll be President. Politicians can steal no more.” When I’m big, I’m going to be a programmer. I’m going to develop a game that everyone wants to play. My business will then be the best in the world. And when I have enough money, I’ll be President. Politicians can steal no more.   I’ll control everything. [...]

Thank you for our home.

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I only had a home in my dreams – never in reality. I wanted my four children to have a home, but I knew it was impossible. We kept looking for a place to sleep in. Sometimes we found temporary homes, but they were not suited for children. Pat and Len gave us a room [...]