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Make the cold winter warmer for a child

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Fundraising for ”Warm Winter” November 1st-24th Make the cold winter warmer for a child. In the city the children are cold even inside the apartments Outside it’s cold and in the night time it’s already below 0°C. The heating of the apartments was finally turned on the last week of October, but with that comes [...]

It’s fun with puzzles

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We have new and cool jigsaw puzzles and games in Friend’s House. I don’t have any such things at home. But I learn quickly and teach others to play. A friend is coming from Kyiv for the weekend, and we can try various games then. Do you have a good friend like I do? I [...]

Xenya´s miracle

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Xenya’s leg is now saved by urgent surgery! Thank you all who heard her cry and helped. Single mother of three, Xenya needed urgent hospital care in order to save her leg. She had been biking and a car drove on her. There is no hope of remuneration, so she was desperate about getting hospital [...]

Thank you for food

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Your gifts have guaranteed warm school lunch for 23 children for the autumn. Read what it means to them: My family has very little money. I only have my Mom. I’m so grateful to have a warm lunch at school. It is delicious, and it helps us a lot. Alyona, 14 I’m studying in a [...]