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Music is my life

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When grab a pen or start typing, I feel as if the world opened in front of me. Writing songs is my way of expressing my emotions, sharing my thoughts and forwarding messages. I fell in love with the hip hop culture as a child, and it has, for its part, made me into what [...]

Happy weekend!

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We’re running and jumping in the woods. We wish you a happy weekend, too! /Jana, 12 Out for a picnic Pitching the tent Playing games Queuing for our supper Food is lovely Nastja on the adventure track We slept tight in the tent, as we were tired

Thank you so much !

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Our Dear Friends! I wish to thank you from the depths of my heart for helping us in our distress. We highly appreciate your willingness to help. The little chickens in our yard provide good food for the family. / Oksana

Hoping for the best

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I’m finishing the 9th class and doing the national exams. I’m so anxious, but trying to prepare. There are three subjects to pass: mathematics, Ukranian language and geography. Mathematics is the worst, because I’m not too good at it. But let’s hope for the best. /Anja 15 

Final exams

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After the 11th class, the pupils have national tests. The tests do not take place in their own schools, but in a selected school in each community. Everyone takes four tests in the subjects they choose. If they get enough points, they can apply for further studies. Very few students have awards for free university [...]