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Tanya Verozub

Who can afford children?

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Single-parent families have a hard time, as the prices keep soaring. The goverment’s solution: If a single mother receives the minimum pay, she no longer gets the child benefit. From the 1st of January, the minimum pay is 3,723 UAH (about 116 euro). Makes you think… / Julia

It’s easy to help

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Kolya is a 9-year-old CP handicapped boy. His mother has trouble taking him to another locality for rehabilitation. The bus ride is a trial for both Kolya and his mother. I took them to the rehabilitation centre by our mini bus. On the way, Kolya’s mother told me how grateful she was, and the boy [...]

I’m more than grateful

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My name is Alina; I’m mother of Sonya and Artyom. Two months ago, I became a single mother when my husband died. I have no parents, no relatives, nobody who could help me. Children’s Embassy heard about my sdistress and hurried to help. They bought firewood at just the right time, when it was still [...]