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Final exams

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After the 11th class, the pupils have national tests. The tests do not take place in their own schools, but in a selected school in each community. Everyone takes four tests in the subjects they choose. If they get enough points, they can apply for further studies. Very few students have awards for free university [...]

I want to be doctor

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I’m Sveta, 13 years. I want to be doctor – surgeon, although I’m a little afraid. Patient’s health and life depends on a surgeon. Why this profession? Because I want to help. Many people die, because surgery is expensive and they cannot afford it. I want to do operations without pay, so that they can [...]

It doesn’t take much to keep the children at home

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Ми діяли негайно. Мати – вдова з дітьми від 2 до 3 років. Вона мала дрова лише пару днів. Влада обіцяла допомогти пізніше. Тепер вони могли “допомогти”, взявши дітей у інститут, де воно тепло. Завдяки нашим вірним щомісячним донорам ми змогли негайно купити дрова, щоб діти могли залишатися вдома разом з матір’ю. / Катерина

Ruslan need your urgent help

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Ruslan five years have a dream. He wants to be like all the other boys – to be able to run, bike and play with friends. To realize the dream requires strength, patience, and a willingness. Ruslan and his mother have the will but lack the financial possibilities of an operation. Ruslans hip pain does [...]